Sentosa IGCSE Math Tuition at The Sail, Marina Bay

Sentosa IGCSE Math Tuition. The only approved tutor for UWCSEA IGCSE Mathematics, our Sentosa Cove students scores A* and Grade 7 consistently in their International school tests and examinations. That is a guaranteed result if you sign up for our exam preparatory for the IGCSE and IB Diploma training tuition with us. Attend all our recommended classes and follow our instructions to get a guaranteed Grade 7.

Our Sentosa Cove Math Tuition Classes

We train for the following:

  • Extended and Core Math Tuition for Sentosa
  • Additional Math Tuition for Sentosa
  • IB Diploma HL/SL Mathematics for Sentosa

Sentosa Cove Math tuition at Marina Bay for Year 7-10 students. Current tutor with current students attending International Schools in Singapore with all of the 6 years of experience in the current IGCSE Mathematics syllabus since its inception, with every batch of eduKate students scoring distinctions in their IGCSE/IB Diploma.

Teaching from scratch to understand Math Principles

We teach from scratch, learning everything in their textbooks and IGCSE syllabus requirements before practising any sums. That way, they learn from the ground up, building a strong foundation in the fundamentals of mathematics before attaining the ability to fly high in their Mathematics, including Algebra and Calculus. Both confusing and terribly feared to the uninitiated, our teaching methods simplifies the math ideas and helps UWCSEA students to follow and gain an insight into the inner workings of the principles and elegance of the Math topics that are taught in school.

With confidence, comes the improved grades. We help them to feel good about their skills, and then onto advanced sums, before prepping them for the examinations. That is where they will shine, peaking just before the exams and getting their distinctions without fatiguing in their education.

Call us!

Call us at +65 82226327 for a discussion on how to get Grade 7 for your kids.

Year 4 Math Student with eduKate
Year 12 SL/HL Math Student with eduKate at Mandela Room
uwcsea_edukate__ math_tuition
Year 10 UWCSEA IGCSE Math student with eduKate
edukate_UWCSEA_Math_tutor The Sail Marina Bay Katong eduKate Tuition Centre Singapore Punggol Prive Tampines MOE SEAB PSLE Syllabus 2015 GCE O' levels English Maths and Science IB IP Programme Marina Bay UWCSEA best Tampines Tuition Centre
The Sail, Marina Bay. eduKate Singapore English and Math Tuition for IP Programme, IGCSE and IB Diploma

UWCSEA Math Tuition Centre for IB Diploma IGCSE Get A* and Grade 7 in Singapore small group tuition for HL SL Math


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