Top 50 Primary 6 PSLE Vocabulary Creative Writing Punggol Tuition Centre Theme “Annoyance”

Top 50 P6 PSLE Vocabulary words to be learnt and used in creative writing. Punggol tutor Yuet Ling compiles this words to be used for PSLE standard composition writing, for students of eduKate and for every parent to teach their child at home.

Punggol P6 Tuition for English by Tutor Yuet Ling. +65 82226327 Primary English PSLE.

Welcome to eduKate Punggol’s Top 50 English Lessons for Punggol students, this is our constant updates for our PSLE students and parents to do at home, and a free resource for everyone. #followedukate for constant updates.


This Top 50 list consists of an advanced list of vocabulary words that you can introduce to your P6 PSLE child to show “annoyance” in a person. The words can be used to cause annoyance, describe annoyance, or simply to show attitudes that annoys.


As usual, introduction of words to children consists of

  1. explaining its meaning using a dictionary,
  2. practicing it with a few examples that it can be used in, and
  3. consistent usage for an extended period to incorporate the new words into their long term arsenal of vocabulary mastery.

The important thing here is to consistently increase the word count every day.



  1. antagonize
  2. allege
  3. bellow
  4. blatant
  5. brawl
  6. balked
  7. concur
  8. condescend
  9. confront
  10. contempt
  11. despondent
  12. dishearten
  13. disdain
  14. dumbfounded
  15. distraught
  16. endured
  17. feud
  18. flabbergast
  19. flagrant
  20. flawed
  21. grim
  22. grueling
  23. humiliate
  24. infuriate
  25. insinuate
  26. irate
  27. loath
  28. mirth
  29. melancholy
  30. mull
  31. notorious
  32. obnoxious
  33. overwhelmed
  34. patronize
  35. perturb
  36. ponder
  37. rant
  38. retort
  39. sham
  40. sullen
  41. snub
  42. tragic
  43. trivialised
  44. toxic
  45. scathing
  46. vicious
  47. vindictive
  48. wary
  49. wince
  50. wrath
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Our students thinking of ways to do that sum. Its our job to make sure they get a thorough fun exercise of their brain during class
Punggol Tuition English Math Science Small Group Primary Secondary
Tutor Yuet Ling at The Sail, Marina Bay.
Punggol Tuition Primary English Math Science Tutor Secondary school Tutor Yuet Ling at St Kilda's, Melbourne, Australia
Tutor Yuet Ling at St Kilda’s, Melbourne, Australia
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Tutor Yuet Ling in Queen Vic Market, Melbourne Australia


Punggol English Math Science Tuition Small Group Female Top tutors singapore

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Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon. Visited by Tutor Yuet Ling in 2015
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Punggol Tutors English Math Science Tuition Female Small Group Tuition and International Friends at Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam.
Punggol Tutors and International Friends at Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam. Having a pitstop for some good grub before we move on touring the rest of the city.
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Tutor Yuet Ling in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Food there is cheap, but a pinnacle of Asian street food.



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