Punggol Sec 4 E Mathematics Tuition

Top Sec 4 Tuition in Punggol for E Mathematics

Empowering Mathematics Tuition for Punggol English and Mathematics Students. Got a child fearful of doing mathematics because the class is going too fast and spinning out of control? Losing confidence and in fear of the next test? That is the classic case of your child being outpaced and not fitting in with the system. But this, we will fix, and fix it well.

Every school in Singapore is different, for sure. Even different Math classes are divergent, with dissimilar teachers and co-students. Hence the pace and culture differs, making a good fit for your child a hit-or-miss. No time to waste, get some help and catch up with the system. We will help you big time.

“Chains of habits are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” -Warren Buffett

Our Mathematics tutors gets right down to empowering your child by sliding in slivers of techniques and changing your child’s negativity. Small gains in knowledge over time makes a huge difference over time.  Weird that we go slow right? Ever heard tutors trying to go really fast to help your child gain as much knowledge as possible? Well, your child is already complaining about the hectic space so isn’t it counter-intuitive to go fast then?

“No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” – Warren Buffett

So at first, we go slow, and steady. Gaining confidence is everything. Take it up a notch when your child is ready. Then confidence builds upon confidence and before you know it, we have a champ.

Unlike others, we build a safe place for your child. A solid foundation. A secure platform. No rushing, no competition. Harvesting confidence by doing sums right, simple ones first. Harder ones as tenacity grows.

Then we keep reinforcing that foundation. The stronger the foundation we build, the higher they can fly.

Nurturing, Fostering, and Coaching

Our Mathematics tutors are RJC/SAJC/ACJC/TPJC Uni Grad/ Industry Professionals. We take great care and pride in teaching. And that is what keeps our energy up. Keeps us happy. Keeps us going.

GCE O Levels eduKate Singapore Tampines Tuition Centre Students in Tutorial Class 2 Secondary Mathematics
Tutors in Punggol Singapore GCE O Levels in Tutorial Class 2 Secondary Mathematics

Maths Tuition Singapore for local and international students by top full time tutors in a comfortable, fully staffed and equipped tuition centre. Getting Distinctions, A1 in Maths, that is what we do. Helping students and enriching their maths understanding. Best E Maths and A Maths techniques are taught in our course.

Our Course

GCE O’Levels, Integrated Programme (IP) and the International Baccalaureate (.B Programme) IGCSE

  • A Mathematics Secondary Tuition Express/N(A)
  • E Mathematics Secondary Tuition Express/N(A)
  • HL Mathematics IB Diploma
  • SL Mathematics IB Diploma
  • IGCSE Additional Mathematics
  • IGCSE Mathematics Extended

Top tutors

Tutors are constantly upgrading their teaching skills, and we customise our teaching to every student’s needs, adapting their tuition classes according to their learning abilities and skill levels. Secondary Math, A Math, E Math.

UWCSEA Student attending IGCSE Centre Math Year 7 class at eduKate Sg Tuition Centre
UWCSEA Student attending IGCSE Centre Math Year 7

Student Counsels

In addition to our tutors, we have student counsels that monitors students doing their work and helps them in improving their techniques, as well as advising students in studying efficiently for their exams.

SEAB Syllabus GCE O levels English with Maris Stella Student. Student Counsellor guiding on Situational Writing
SEAB Syllabus GCE O levels English with Maris Stella Student. Student Counsellor guiding on Situational Writing “Proposal to the Principal”

Call us to set up a course briefing and also our available schedules. Kin Leong 91811929

Sec 3 E Maths Tuition Sengkang. E Maths for Secondary 3 following GCE O-levels, IP and SAP Programme Syllabus in Singapore. Best Tutors from ex-RJC, SAJC, TPJC, ACJC uni grads and our previous students have achieved double A1 distinctions for A and E Maths consistently.

Exam preparations and techniques are taught in math tuition class and us specialising in getting weaker students to understand E Maths, improve tremendously to score A1.

Our Mathematics course teaches all topics outlined by MOE Singapore Mathematics SEAB GCE O-level E Maths Syllabus. We teach from fundamentals, and also provide all materials needed including past year exam papers.

O level Add Mathematics Tampines Tuition for Secondary levels doing GCE O-levels, IGCSE, IP and SAP Programme Syllabus Examinations in Singapore. Secondary School Education in A Maths by top experienced RJC/ACJC/TPJC/SAJC tutors.

Our tutorial classes teaches from basics and advances to complex algorithms required in acquiring a full understanding of Additional Mathematics.

Detailed explanations of algorithms and the best techniques are taught to you heuristically and patiently. Making sure you learn mathematics step by step and gain total confidence to attempt your exams  with top marks. Guaranteed to understand and attain distinctions for A Maths for every student skill levels.

Additional Mathematics Tuition Teachers

Our A Maths Tutors are ex-RJC/ACJC/SAJC/TPJC uni grads and our previous students achieve double A1 distinctions for A and E Maths consistently.

Exam preparations and techniques are taught in class and we specialise in getting weaker students to understand A Maths and improve tremendously to score A1. All exam materials are provided.

Additional Mathematics Tuition for

  • Intensive A Maths Tuition for Examination preparations
  • O levels Preparatory A Maths Tuition
  • Pre-Sec 4 A Math Preparatory Tuition

Our Additional Mathematics Tuition covers all topics including

  • algebra and quadratic equations
  • indices surds and logarithms
  • polynomials and partial fractions
  • binomial expansions
  • trigonometry
  • coordinate geometry
  • plane geometry
  • calculus- differentiation and integration
Punggol English and Mathematics Tuition
Punggol English and Math Tutor Kin Leong at Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Australia. Can’t help taking photos with these awesome iconic bath houses.

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